Engaging People +
Rewarding Success

We understand that tackling the complexity of human resourcing and organisational development can be a daunting prospect.

We’re here to help.

Our experience, active research and pragmatic approach enables us to bring clarity and help you separate the people-practices and investments that will add-value from those that won’t.

We utilise a set of intuitive, research backed processes and tools to help implement the practices that enable your people to perform. We partner with your team every step of the way to ensure that the outcomes of our work can be owned and implemented by you, the client.

Our unique approach coupled with our passion for creating ‘better work experiences’ makes us the small firm that delivers big results.


Through active research and collaboration between our consultants and global thought leaders we continue to uncover the shared traits of organisations that out perform their peers, understanding what brings their people together and what enables them to succeed.


Our team brings a wealth of experience as practitioners to couple with our many years of service supporting some of Australia’s biggest and most complex organisations from a cross section of the major industry sectors including resources, finance, manufacturing and the public sector.


We love talking about human resourcing, helping to create solutions to the challenges faced by forward thinking organisations.  Our desire to help build sustainable, high-performing organisations has been the common objective of our consulting team for over 15 years.

Find out more about our team and what drives us.

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Driving Growth and Business Performance?

We can help by ensuring your systems and processes deliver the right people, to the right place, at the right time.
Our understanding of what drives human behaviour enables our team to support implementation of the people-practices that add genuine value.

Click here to download our guide to the Shared People Principles of High-Performing Organisations.

Leading Organisational Change?

We help by providing a clear framework for change that focuses on your people –  critical to successful change management whatever the context.  Our team then works with yours to develop and implement programs and practices that align your people with your strategic plan.

Click here to download our guide to Effective Post-Merger Integration.

Managing Costs and Productivity?

We can help by offering an independent analysis of your resourcing arrangements across all levels of the organisation With strong foundations in place we partner with you to align remuneration and reward with the performance outcomes that really matter.

Click here to download our guide to the 4-Dimensions of Reward.

Local Govt.

Mastertek consultants share a proud relationship with those in the local government sector having partnered with over 60 Councils across NSW to provide HR related services. We’re the only firm that offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of HR…

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For many years Mastertek consultants have provided performance and reward related services to Australia’s corporate sector. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands in some of the most competitive markets to develop solutions that drive genuine…

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We work with small to medium sized business enabling growth by implementing people-practices that impact the bottom line. We’ve spent years separating what really makes a difference to business performance from the practices that sap resources without adding value…

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Services Overview

Organisational Development
  • Organisation Structures
  • Job Design
  • Job Evaluation
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capability Frameworks
  • Post Merger Integration

Building and maintaining high performing organisations requires a structured and systematic approach. Each of the critical
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Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Frameworks
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Talent & Succession Planning
  • Development Frameworks

Has your organisation defined what capabilities and styles your leaders need to exhibit in order to be successful?
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Remuneration & Reward
  • Reward Strategy
  • Salary Structures
  • Incentive Plans
  • Sales Commission Plans
  • Executive Remuneration
  • Equity Plans

As part of our ongoing research and global collaborations, Mastertek consultants examined the “future of reward” in the
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HR Analytics
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Personal Profiling
  • 360 Feedback
  • Self-Efficacy Assessments
  • Job Diagnostics
  • Market Benchmarking

We believe in rationale, informed decision making – not jumping at shadows and second guessing how people might react
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