Our Purpose

To support our clients and communities in the pursuit of operational excellence.

Our Vision

We’re driven by a vision of our clients as first-choice employers delivering world-class services for the communities they serve.

Our Approach

Mastertek is an employee-owned business committed to putting our clients at the heart of everything we do.  We’re passionate about creating the conditions for individuals and teams to perform.  Our people go all out to understand the unique challenges our partners are facing and apply their practical creativity to develop solutions that enable success.


Good organisational design does not happen overnight and priorities shift with the operating context.  We’ve developed a range of approaches to partnering with our clients to ensure that you can access the precise assistance you need when you need it.

Regardless of the manner of our engagement, our philosophies regarding what drives organisational and individual performance remain the same.  Based on input from leading researchers combined with the practical experience of our team and partners we understand what works and what doesn’t, and in what circumstances.

Some of the ways we assist our clients are shown below – click on any element to find out more or contact us today to speak with one of the team.



We love talking about human resourcing and helping to create solutions to the challenges faced by forward-thinking organisations.

Our consulting approach is based on a principle of high engagement – identifying and engaging key stakeholders from the outset to develop shared solutions and ensure that what gets designed gets implemented.

Feel free to get in touch and share your people-related challenges, we’ll be only too happy to share our experience and to point you in the right direction.

Knowing where to start your journey can be difficult – we’re here to help.

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