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Mastertek consultants have continued our proud relationship with the industry since the 1990’s as the only firm that offers an integrated suite of HR solutions tailored specifically to the sector.

We continue to work with Mayors, CEO/General Managers and their leadership teams to address the challenges of maintaining sustainability and driving productivity.

Our consultants are trusted advisers who bring our broad industry exposure to bear in tailoring bespoke solutions for each of our clients.  Read on below or contact us to discuss how we can assist your Council.

Organisational Design and Development

Ensuring your organisation is fit-for-the-future with an effective organisation structure and strategic approach to workforce planning and development can be a daunting challenge.  We’ve worked with a number of Councils to review the key elements of their organisation design and to help them embrace the shared people principles of consistently high performing organisations.

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Leadership Development

Recognising that leadership is one of the most potent ingredients when it comes to company success and productivity, Mastertek has established a suite of services designed to Councils to drive leadership development within local government.

At Mastertek our consultants are experts in the field with a track record of assisting clients across the country with the key leadership challenges.  Click here to learn more…

Salary Systems

Mastertek have worked with a wide range of organisations to develop effective salary structures.  We design, develop and implement financially sustainable salary systems that support business objectives, maintain relevance to the market and meet legislative requirements.

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Job Evaluation

A key element of a well-designed salary system is the selection and implementation of a robust job evaluation methodology to underpin development of an appropriate grade structure and to support the placement of jobs within it.

The Mastertek Job Evaluation and Sizing System (M-JES) has been developed to provide a contemporary job evaluation solution designed specifically for the NSW Local Government.

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Salary Benchmarking

To assist our clients in managing employee remuneration offerings, our annual remuneration and benefits survey provides the most detailed information available, providing unique insights to the make up of employee salary and benefits packages across some 150+ local government roles. force capability.

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Performance Management

High performing organisations talk about performance more regularly than their peers.  Effective frameworks provide tools and prompts for goal-setting, action planning and of course for the review of outcomes and learnings.

This way we meet the needs of the business as well as providing a platform to fulfil the needs to the individual in regard to performance feedback and recognition.

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Employee Surveys

An employee opinion survey serves to give your employees a voice.  Not only can this improve employee engagement, but it can also provide access to a wealth of employee ideas by, uncovering the view of the silent majority.

Mastertek has worked with dozens of Councils to design and implement effective approaches to engaging employees and conducting employee surveys of all kinds.

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We know that managing employee performance and reward can be challenging – we’re here to help.

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