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Employee opinions, culture and climate surveys.

The Mastertek Organisational Effectiveness Questionnaire (MO-EQ) has been developed as a result of our active collaborations with leading academics here and in the UK. 

The approach also builds on our practical experience of over two decades supporting organisations with employee opinion surveys and engagement strategies.  The MO-EQ consists of eleven focus areas each aligned to the ‘people principles’ that research has shown to be shared by consistently high-performing organisations, regardless of their industry context.   Grouping these organisational design principles under the three core elements of Cause, Capability &  Culture provides a further perspective to help guide the development of meaningful employee engagement strategies and initiatives.

Actionable Insights

Our employee opinion surveys go beyond the standard approaches that raise more questions than they answer.  Based on global research and two decades of practical application, our model asks employees for their views on a number of key organisational activities which are proven to be be common across high performing and highly engaged workforces.  This approach provides actionable evidence of strengths and weaknesses and a meaningful basis for prioritising interventions that will have a positive impact on your people and organisational performance.

Beyond the data

Beyond the survey itself, it is critical that you commit to positive action based on the findings.  Our clients have greater success both in terms of getting genuine survey insights and affecting positive change, when they clearly articulate to employees what the results will be used for and then develop and implement changes are based on the survey findings.  As a result our services extend beyond the survey to assisting with the identification and prioritisation of the interventions that will have the greatest impact in the shortest timeframes as part of our CLARIFY, CREATE, CHANGE approach to partnering.

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The MO-EQ Survey has been carefully designed around the shared people principles and practices of high performing organisations all over the world. Find out more about how it’s structured below and contact us today to organise an obligation free consultation and learn how the study can deliver meaningful employee insights for your organisation.

MO-EQ Survey Overview


Look inside any high-performing organisation or team and you will find a clear and present common purpose that unites its people, providing a source of inspiration and focus that endures short term challenges.  The CAUSE provides the foundation and energy for a resilient, outcomes-focused organisational culture.  The MO-EQ considers the prevalence of:

  • Clear direction and objectives
  • Strong and positive organisational culture


Your organisation can only be successful if people with the required skills and experience are identified & brought together.  Sustained competitive advantage is realised when organisations commit to the ongoing development of critical CAPABILITY from within.

  • An effective organisation structure
  • Good job design and role clarity
  • Great leaders at every level
  • Adequate and sustainable resourcing


The ways in which people within an organisation engage with one another, along with the specific employment & reward propositions offered by the employer, define the organisational CULTURE which in turn directly impacts both the desire and ability of the team to deliver success.

  • Excellence in change management
  • Clear career paths and development frameworks
  • Value-add performance planning processes
  • Aligned remuneration & reward programs

Learn more about how to drive long term, sustainable employee engagement and performance based on our structured approach to organisational design.

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Working With Mastertek

Based on practical experience gained from almost two decades of supporting clients with their HR, performance and reward strategies we know that the support you need can vary. That’s why we’ve developed a range of engagement options that can be tailored to ensure we provide the advice, guidance and level of hands-on support you need – when you need it.

Employee Insights

Employee Insights

For those with internal capacity to drive survey participation and develop actionable responses to the survey findings we can bring the MO-EQ survey to you in an easy to access online format ready to roll-out as soon as you’re ready.  From there we monitor response rates to assist in ongoing promotion of the study.  Finally, our team will prepare your results dashboard and detailed reports to enable internal review and action planning.

Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies

Our team are experts in the design, development and implementation of effective employee engagement strategies.  Should you require our assistance we can facilitate action planning based on the interventions that will have greatest impact in your organisational context.

Change Management

Change Management

As consultants we live and breathe best practice project management.  Our team can provide the extra capacity that’s often required to drive change and we partner with your leadership team to help ensure that what was designed is what gets implemented.