Employee recognition programs and awards.

Nothing is more powerful than genuine recognition of a job well done when it comes to managing employee engagement levels.

Our team can work with yours to develop a comprehensive employee recognition program that will drive cultural change much more effectively than any other reward program.  Check out some of our tips below and contact us to organise an obligation free demonstration.

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Employee Recognition Program – Fundamentals

Sweat the small stuff.

Fostering a positive culture requires daily attention to the little things that make your organisation tick.  Actively recognising the positive behaviours of your people reinforces what matters and encourages repetition.

Empower your leaders.

Recognition must be genuine and timely if it’s to have a positive impact.  Leaders must be empowered to recognise and reward their teams spontaneously and in a manner that’s going to be valued most by the individual.

Make it easy to administer.

We partner with Brownie Points to bring our recognition programs to life using their award-winning, best-of-breed and fully customisable software solutions meaning you can focus on implementation rather administration.

Follow the complete employment lifecycle.

We believe the recognition should start on day one and be part of the employment experience from then on.  Employee recognition programs should be expansive and cater to every stage of the employment life cycle.

Getting Started

  • Connect new starters
  • Help build new relationships

Role Models

  • Promote & reward display of core behaviours and values
  • Recognise outstanding leadership efforts
  • Encourage and support personal development
  • Recognise exceptional contributions to the success of other

Recognise Loyalty

  • Recognise time in service and contribution
  • Recognise those who take the time to mentor and transfer knowledge

Get Started | Obligation Free Consultation.

We understand that the complexity involved in human resourcing and organisational development strategies can be daunting.  The good news is that deciding where, when and how to start can be the hardest part – confidence stems from momentum, which in turn leads to progress and performance.

Our experience means we can help you formulate a practical action plan to build that initial momentum and we’re confident that you’ll find benefit in our advice.  We’d like to bring our expertise to the table in a complimentary, obligation-free workshop to help you determine where best to focus your time and investment to achieve results – absolutely free of charge or obligation.

Tell us about your organisational challenges and explore how our team can assist yours in driving employee engagement and organisational culture.

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