Local Government Employee Surveys and Employers of Choice

The Mastertek Local Government Employers of Choice program has been developed with two key objectives in mind.  First and foremost, we believe that high performing organisations are built, not born – and with that in mind, our employers of choice program provides an opportunity for Councils to be recognised for their sustained efforts in creating environments that enable and empower their people to be successful.  In addition, the program provides actionable insights for participants to support your unique organisational design and development journeys in pursuit of becoming an employer of choice.

Many Councils set out to be recognised as employers of choice, an aspiration that requires ongoing commitment and effective leadership in support of a genuinely ‘people-focused’ organisational culture.  Our recognition program is founded on our 30+ years of working with partners across the industry that have consistently demonstrated this commitment to their people.



Our process is underpinned by our research-backed, tried and tested approaches to assessing what makes for truly great employee experiences.  We provide a standardised approach to engaging with your employees to seek their feedback on the people principles and practices that really matter.



Our approach to assessing the progress of our participant Councils goes well beyond the survey results.  Our team complete a review of your workforce management strategy and conduct interviews with your key people leaders to ensure our recommendations and advice is both practical and actionable in your specific context.



Our Local Government Employer of Choices awards identify and acknowledge the best employers in the industry, those outperforming their peers across our program.  All participants however receive clear, action-oriented feedback to assist in the continuous improvement of your employee experiences.

 Benchmark Against the Best.

In order to gauge your progress towards becoming a local government employer of choice it’s imperative that you understand ‘what great looks like’.  Our program offers several distinct perspectives to ensure that your team is properly informed.

The first perspective is of course that of your employees.  No one knows the culture and practices of your Council better than those working in it.  Based on your survey results, a second perspective is gained by comparing your results to others to understand your organisation’s relative performance.  A third perspective is then formed by our expert consultants who offer feedback in relation to the design of your workforce management strategy in context of your survey results and employee feedback.

All of our analysis and feedback is aligned to the critical people practices that must be in place to sustain a high performing organisation and positive workforce culture, meaning that regardless of results participation in the program provides meaningful insights that can inform future planning and continuous improvement.

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Getting Involved

Your Council can get started on becoming a participant in the program simply by completing the EOI form below.  The great news is that participation is free of charge when you commit to undertaking standardised employee surveys over a 3-survey cycle.  All participants benefit from the same comprehensive support and guidance as well as opportunities to tailor the survey process and delivery format in order to best suit your organisation.   The minimum requirements for participation include:

  • Complete your employee survey including the standard Mastertek employer-of-choice question set and required demographics
  • Ensure a minimum representative sample of employees participate  of greater than 60%
  • Submit your most recent Workforce Management Strategy (or equivalent) for review by our consultants

Any costs associated with participation are determined based on the level of additional support your organisation requires in setting up and managing the survey process including utilising hard copy questionnaires where required and the data entry of the results.  Our team will be delighted to set up a scoping call and can then provide an obligation free quotation following your expression of interest in participating.

Annual Cycle and Key Dates

The Mastertek Local Government Employer of Choice Program runs on an annual calendar culminating in the publication and distribution of the benchmark index to all active participants.  The benchmark index provides a comparison of your council’s results to those of all other participants (on an anonymous basis) to offer a relative perspective on your feedback.

Our annual cycle includes the following key milestones:

  • Invitations to all NSW Councils to participate in Feb/March
  • Survey completion window April-October
  • Individual results prepared within 4 weeks of your survey
  • Benchmark index updates and annual Award recipients confirmed in November

Complete the expression of interest form below to download the program information pack and continue your journey towards becoming an emplyer of choice.