Employee engagement, performance and reward solutions.

Based on a clearly established vision of the future we partner with your leaders to design best-fit employee engagement, performance and reward strategies that provide a road map for successful culture change and performance improvement.

Employee engagement and motivation is a complex subject matter but our active research and collaborations with leading organisations and academics has enabled us to develop a clear understanding of what works in practice – and what doesn’t.

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Mastertek’s 4-Dimension Model.

Our ongoing research into the drivers of employee motivation led our consultants to develop the 4-Dimensions model of employee engagement and reward.  Each of the dimensions summarised below play a major role in employee motivation levels and must be prevalent in order to maintain high engagement levels and drive long term success.

PURPOSE - Do I Value What I Do?

PURPOSE - Do I Value What I Do?

In order to engage and motivate it is essential to create a shared understanding of the organisations vision, strategy and culture.  This requires great leadership throughout the organisation but also strong, consistent multi-channel communication to reach all stakeholders.  Reward programs must be designed to support this messaging and reinforce ‘what’s important’ to the organisation.

PROGRESS - Am I Doing It Well?

PROGRESS - Am I Doing It Well?

To drive engagement, how the organisation is tracking against financial and strategic goals should be shared as transparently and broadly within the organisation as possible.  Individual performance planning needs to link back to the organisation’s vision and strategy.  The cycle needs to move from the common static approach towards a more dynamic future orientated on-going dialogue.

PATHWAYS - Can I Do It Better?

PATHWAYS - Can I Do It Better?

To attain and sustain high performance we need an effective organisation structure that encourages collaboration but supports timely decision making. The roles need to be well designed against the needs of the organisation and clear so there is no overlap and ambiguity. Individuals need to understand what the future can hold for them in the organisation – development frameworks and career paths are essential.  Our reward propositions must then look beyond the cash incentives to provide meaningful opportunities for professional development in support of this need for personal advancement.

PAY - Am I Recognised For Doing It?

PAY - Am I Recognised For Doing It?

We need to pay individuals  such that they feel their job is valued and fairly compensated.  Any incentives need to be aligned with the strategy, values and culture of the organisation.  To drive engagement and retention this dimension should have a significant focus on benefits.  Non-monetary benefits such as health & well being programs, birthday holiday days, early Friday closing, free lunches, charity days etc can reap significant benefits to both the employee and the company.  Tailoring such a benefits program to the culture of the organisation can provide strong reinforcement of that culture and enhance the employee brand.

Engagement Strategies

Our team has a wealth of experience across all facets of organisational design and strategic human resourcing.  Having partnered with you to complete a ‘current state’ review using tried and tested diagnostic tools we’re well placed to assist in developing practical, actionable people strategies based on the 4-Dimensions model that will lead to increased employee engagement and motivation and improved organisational performance.  Some of the areas in which we can assist are shown below.

Organisational Development

  • Organisation Structures
  • Job Design
  • Job Evaluation
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capability Frameworks
  • Post Merger Integration

Building and maintaining high performing organisations requires a structured and systematic approach. Each of the critical
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Effective Leadership

  • Leadership Frameworks
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Talent & Succession Planning
  • Development Frameworks

Has your organisation defined what capabilities and styles your leaders need to exhibit in order to be successful?
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Remuneration & Reward

  • Recognition Programs
  • Salary Structures
  • Incentive Plans
  • Sales Commission Plans
  • Executive Remuneration
  • Equity Plans

As part of our ongoing research and global collaborations, Mastertek consultants examined the “future of reward” in the
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Our engagements commence with an objective analysis of the current state.  Selecting the correct diagnostic tools, we partner to develop objective insights into what’s working and what’s not as a basis for establishing a shared vision for the future….

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Based on years of practical experience and active research we design engagement strategies and programs that work, and assist in dispensing with the practices that don’t.  We don’t shy away from the difficult conversations, offering the advice you need rather than the advice you want to hear….

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Effective change management requires strong leadership.  Our team partner with yours to establish the shared vision of the future and establish a clear road map to support the desired change.  We offer ongoing coaching and support through the transformation journey to ensure that what was designed is what gets implemented….

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We understand that the complexity involved in human resourcing and organisational development strategies can be daunting.  The good news is that deciding where, when and how to start can be the hardest part – confidence stems from momentum, which in turn leads to progress and performance.

Our experience means we can help you formulate a practical action plan to build that initial momentum and we’re confident that you’ll find benefit in our advice.  We’d like to bring our expertise to the table in a complimentary, obligation-free workshop to help you determine where best to focus your time and investment to achieve results – absolutely free of charge or obligation.

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