The Mastertek
Job Evaluation and
Sizing System

The Mastertek Job Evaluation and Sizing system (M-JES) has been developed to provide a contemporary, effective job evaluation solution for today’s organisations.

Delivered online through our comprehensive remuneration and reward management platform, REMconnect, the methodology has been designed for simple calibration to your specific industry and organisational context.
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Job Evaluation in NSW Local Government

We’ve created a bespoke version of the Mastertek Job Evaluation and Sizing system (M-JES) specifically for NSW Local Government offering the following design features:

Award Aligned

  • Directly aligned to the Local Government (State) Award Bands & Levels
  • Adds granularity to the Award descriptors rather than replacing them to ensure compliance and reduce causes of disputes arising from use of the LG or other methodologies
  • References the principles and scoring model agreed in developing the Local Government Job Evaluation Methodology to facilitate ease of adoption

Relevant and Contemporary

  • Based on our intutive 3-Step decision tree model ensuring evaluators are presented with only the most relevant information at each stage of the process
  • Eliminates reliance on quantitative measures and skills descriptors that rapidly lose relevance
  • Designed to reference contemporary organisation structures and job design creating a more practical and relevant evaluation experience

Intuitive. Streamlined. Effective.

Based on global best practice and contemporary job evaluation design, M-JES guides evaluators through an intuitive 3-Step decision-making process, as summarised below, covering a total of 10 decisions to complete a full evaluation.  Subject to the availability and quality of information you have on hand an evaluation should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Function Groups

M-JES evaluations are based on a number of intuitive ‘Function Groups’ which describe the general nature of a group of roles and correspond to a specific Band or Bands set out in the Award.

  • Operations
  • Technical
  • Trades
  • Corporate Support
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Roles
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Roles

Role Functions

Within each Function Group are a series of specific Functions that describe jobs in more detail based on several key factors used in job evaluation and sizing, including:

  • Relevant skills
  • Required qualifications
  • Indicative experience
  • Primary purpose
  • General accountabilities

Our Functions establish the basis for more detailed job evaluation through the use of bespoke Factor Plans tailored to each role type.

Factor Plans

Bespoke Factor Plans offer evaluators role-relevant choices across 9 factors, used globally, that enable consistent and objective comparison of role size within an organisation:

  • Autononmy
  • Internal and External Impact
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Service

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