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Local Government.

Mastertek has a long and proud history of partnering with local government.

Our history in local government stretches back to the implementation of the Award during the 1990’s.  Mastertek consultants have continued our proud relationship with the industry since that time as the only firm that offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of HR solutions tailored to the Local Government sector.

We continue to work with General Managers and their leadership teams to address the challenges of sustainability and the State Government’s reform agenda.  Our consultants are trusted advisers who bring our broad industry exposure to bear in tailoring bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

Our mantra of Engaging People and Rewarding Success is central to both our approach and our advice, recognising that an engaged and capable workforce is critical to organisational success.

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Reward Strategy

Based on our many years of active research and practical work with dozens of clients across the industry we’ve developed the definitive guide for practitioners tasked with managing remuneration and reward in Local Government.

Packed with industry-specific guidance, The Mastertek Guide to Reward Strategy covers everything you need to know about designing and implementing effective remuneration and reward propositions.

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Job Evaluation

A key element of a well-designed salary system is the selection and implementation of a robust job evaluation methodology to underpin development of an appropriate grade/band (“classification”) structure and to support the placement of jobs within it.

The Mastertek Job Evaluation and Sizing System (M-JES) has been developed to provide a contemporary job evaluation solution designed specifically for the NSW Local Government.

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Market Data

To assist our clients in managing employee remuneration offerings, our annual remuneration and benefits survey provides the most detailed information available, providing unique insights to the make up of employee salary and benefits packages across some 150+ local government roles.

We also maintain a database of General Manager remuneration information to support Mayors and Councillors in determining appropriate executive remuneration packages.

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Organisational Development, Leadership and Employee Engagement

Our approach to organisational development, performance and reward has been honed to enable clients to organise the complexity of human resourcing and implement practical arrangements that suit your organisation’s context. Mastertek have worked with dozens of Councils to review operating plans, to refine service lines and accountabilities. and to create strategies that help align and engage employees behind the organisational objectives.

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Organisation Structures.
Job Design & Evaluation
Workforce Planning
Capability Frameworks
Post Merger Integration

Leadership + Performance

Leadership + Performance

Leadership Frameworks.
Executive & Leadership Coaching
Performance Management.
Talent & Succession Planning
Development Frameworks

Remuneration + Reward

Remuneration + Reward

Reward Strategy
Salary Structures
Incentive Plans
Recognition Programs
Executive Remuneration

HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Employee Engagement Surveys
Personal Profiling
360 Feedback
Self-Efficacy Assessments
Market Benchmarking

Mastertek bring together a significant suite of complementary skills that generate insight and create innovative yet practical HR solutions for their clients. They have partnered with us on multiple occasions including a review of our salary and performance management systems, remuneration survey and organisational reviews. Mastertek have a high degree of integrity and expertise in conjunction with personal warmth and emotional intelligence.- Manager HR, City of Canterbury
``Crucial Conversations`` capabilities are critical for anyone in a leadership role and form part of the suite of qualities that AlburyCity requires of all of its leaders. Mastertek’s program was very interactive and covered a range of techniques for dealing with a variety of difficult conversations that might be needed. It has certainly made our leaders better equipped to deal with situations that may have otherwise been avoided.- Group Manager HR, Albury City
``Mastertek’s partnering approach has proved successful in several areas of HR-related work at Campbelltown. For example, their high engagement philosophy coupled with a strong understanding of the Local Government context ensured that the development of a new salary and performance management system for our Manager level staff was practical and effective, strengthened the link between performance and reward as well as gaining support from relevant Trade Unions``.- Manager Human Resources, Campbelltown

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