Long Term Incentive Plans

The impact of those with leadership responsibility cannot be overstated.  Effective leaders create high-performance teams by building engagement, driving accountability and leading by example.  Strategic thinking is translated into action and progress reviewed and celebrated.

An effective Long Term Incentive plan can be a powerful driver of business performance, strengthen the commitment to your organisation and give your business the edge when recruiting talented high performers.

But developing the right plan for your business can be difficult. Reliably anticipating the wide range of internal and external factors that will influence executive and business performance, determining the most appropriate metrics to measure success, deciding who is eligible to participate and what form the reward will take, must all be addressed.

Our guide to long term incentive plan types includes a summary of each of the most common plan types along with our assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Share your contact information with us so we can ensure you get access to the information you’re most interested in and download the guide direct to your desktop.

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