At Mastertek we drive outstanding performance through people.

Good organisational design does not happen overnight and priorities shift with organisational context. We’ve developed a range of approaches to partnering with our clients to ensure that you can access the precise assistance you need, when you need it.   Regardless of the manner of our engagement, our philosophies regarding what drives organisational and individual performance remain the same.  Based on input from leading researchers combined with the practical experience of our team and partners we understand what works and what doesn’t, and in what circumstances.

Take a look below at some of the transformational projects we’ve led in partnership with our client organisations.  You can also explore our knowledge base to find out more about our approaches and thoughts on best practices across a wide range of people and culture-related areas.

Leadership Framework and Development

Leadership Framework

We partnered with a leading regional city council to develop a leadership framework setting out their required leadership styles and leadership capabilities.  Once in place, we worked with the council to establish a comprehensive leadership development program including 360 feedback, personal profiling, goal setting and development planning.  The final component of our engagement was to provide 1-to-1 leadership coaching and support for over 40 senior leaders across the organisation.

Click here to learn more about our approach to establishing leadership frameworks and leadership development programs.

Performance and Development Reviews

We partnered with a major regional city council to review their approach to individual performance planning and reviews.  We worked with a project team of key stakeholders to establish clear principles reflecting a modern approach to performance management which led to the development of a suite of tools and user guidelines to support implementation.  We then supported the internal team to define requirements for the software developers to ensure the systems reflected the intended design principles.

Find out more about our thoughts on contemporary performance planning and reviews here.

Performance Management

Salary System Reviews

We’ve worked with dozens of councils to review and improve their salary systems.  Amongst many others, we’ve supported several of the largest councils in NSW to redesign their salary systems from the ground up.  Our process includes a review of job sizing/grading using our proprietary job evaluation system, comprehensive market benchmarking of salary ranges on a role-by-role basis and detailed impact analysis for all existing employees.  The outcomes drive consistency in decision making, fairness and financial sustainability.

Click here to learn more about how we can assist you to design and implement a salary structure that fits your organisation and is designed with the end-game in mind.

Workforce Management Strategy

We partnered with one of the largest councils in NSW to complete a comprehensive analysis of workforce and labour market trends and predictions as a key input to the development of a forward-looking workforce management strategy.  We then led the creation of a structured long-term HR action plan designed to address the current and forecast people challenges of the organisation

Click here to learn more about our advice on developing best practice workforce management strategies.

Workforce Planning

Employee Surveys

Mastertek has worked with dozens of Councils to engage employees and conduct employee surveys of all kinds.  We recently partnered with a major regional Council to conduct a comprehensive employee opinion survey during a challenging period for the organisation in regard to employee and community engagement.  The survey process provided access to a wealth of employee ideas by, uncovering the view of the silent majority, and enabled us to then support the council in developing a wide-ranging organisational development program to address the key issues arising from the survey.

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