At Mastertek we believe in better work experiences.

We are a boutique consultancy focused on providing practical advice in relation to organisation design and employee engagement, performance and reward.  We believe that putting people first is critical to delivering sustainable business results – and we know how to create the employee engagement levels required to make it happen.

A desire to help build sustainable, high-performing organisations has been the common objective of our consulting team for over 20 years.  We continue to seek solutions to the big organisational challenges and to translate the complexity of human resourcing into practical, actionable strategies that our clients can implement.  Based on active research and collaboration between our consultants and global thought leaders we continue to uncover the shared traits of organisations that outperform their peers; what brings their people together and what enables them to succeed.

Our consultants have developed deep expertise across a range of related organisational practices that drive employee engagement and motivation from leadership development and performance management, reward strategy, job evaluation and salary system design through to employee engagement surveys and market benchmarking.

We’re the small firm that delivers big results.

Organisational Design and HR Strategy

Look inside any high-performing organisation and you will find a clear and present common purpose that unites its people, providing a source of inspiration and focus that endures short-term circumstances.  The purpose provides a foundation on which to foster a culture that breeds success and sets your organisation apart from its peers.  We develop programs that align with your strategic objectives and help to reinforce behaviour consistent with your organisation’s beliefs, culture & style.  We work with our clients to confirm and articulate the common purpose and values that inspire their people and differentiate them from their peers, and then develop practical HR strategies and HR action plans that bring the desired culture to life.

Example Services

  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Management Strategies
  • Employment Value Proposition
  • Organisation Structure Reviews

Leadership and Performance

Studies show that the single strongest predictor of group effectiveness is the amount of help that team members give to each other.  Help can be given in many forms; leadership, coaching or for example in the form of technical assistance.  All are beneficial to our colleagues but structured, constructive feedback in relation to our performance is a fundamental requirement for high engagement.  We want to understand how our effort is contributing to the common purpose and what we can do to make an even greater impact.  Reinforcing the value of our work helps to ensure that we value it ourselves which in turn supports our ongoing motivation.

Remuneration and Reward

Whichever theories of motivation you subscribe to there is no question that remuneration has a critical impact on our feelings towards our jobs.  We believe that an organisation’s approach to salary management, use of incentive plans and provision of benefits must be aligned to the high-order elements of organisational design; the common purpose, culture and strategic imperatives.  Understanding what good reward looks like for your organisation and its constituent parts can be complex and requires a structured and systematic approach.  There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, indeed respected thought leaders globally consider that reward must ultimately be individualised in order to be effective.

Example Services

  • Reward Strategy Development
  • Salary System Reviews and Health Checks
  • Market Benchmarking and Salary Data
  • Job Evaluation Tools and Assistance
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Bonus and Incentive Plan Design

Employee Engagement and Surveys

Do your employees know the organisation values?  How engaged are your employees?  Do your employees know how to contribute to organisational success?  Sometimes the best way to know is simply to ask your employees for their views.  An employee opinion survey serves to give your employees a voice.  Not only can this improve employee engagement, but it can also provide access to a wealth of employee ideas by, uncovering the view of the ‘silent’ majority.  By acting on what your employees have to say, experience tells us that you can realise improved organisational performance, employee commitment, employee engagement and decreased turnover and absenteeism.

Example Services

  • Employers of Choice Program
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Exit Interview Surveys

Executive Remuneration

Managing the level and structure of executive remuneration is a key responsibility of the Board and particularly its independent directors.  The increased focus since the GFC has led to more stringent disclosure requirements along with greater consequences for Boards that are not in tune with their shareholders.  In short, Boards are more accountable than ever for the effective management of executive remuneration.  At Mastertek our consultants are experts in the field with a track record of assisting clients with the key challenges.

Example Services

  • Executive Remuneration Strategy and Design
  • Exec Rem Benchmarking
  • Short Term Incentive Plan Design
  • Sales Commission Plans
  • Long Term Incentives and Equity Plans

We know that managing employee performance and reward can be challenging – we’re here to help.

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