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We love what we do…and enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience as often as we can.

We’ve put together a series of guides and papers that summarise our approach to effective organisational design and development. Covering everything from high-level HR strategy to employee engagement programs, remuneration and reward our guides offer a great starting point for business leaders and HR practitioners tackling the complexity of human resourcing in your organisations.

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High Performance Organisations

This guide provides a brief overview of the Shared People Principles of High Performing Organisations; what they do, why they do it and how to get started with implementing their practices in your organisation.

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Employee Motivation

In this guide, we revisit the underlying principles of employee motivation, looking at what’s really required to drive behaviour and employee motivation in today’s organisations.

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Leadership Development

This guide provides a brief overview of our approach to developing a Leadership Framework; the key elements that need to be established, why they’re important and how to get started.

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Total Reward Strategy

Our Guide to Reward Strategy is a comprehensive resource exploring every aspect of reward, walking users through the design process with practical ‘how-to’ advice at every step of journey.

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Recent Presentations.

  • LGNSW Salary Systems Workshop
  • Local Government Leadership Conference.
  • National Rewards Group Conference.
  • The Pay Divide and Salary Hierarchy
  • Rethinking and Reworking LG Salary Systems
  • CEO Institute Remuneration and Reward

Recent Publications.

  • The State of Strategic Reward
  • Organisational Effectiveness in LG
  • Local Government Mergers White Paper.
  • Salary Benchmarking in Local Government.

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