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We’ve put together a series of guides and papers that summarise our approach to effective organisational design and development. Covering everything from high-level HR strategy to employee engagement programs, remuneration and reward our guides offer a great starting point for business leaders and HR practitioners tackling the complexity of human resourcing in your organisations.

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High Performance Organisations

This guide provides a brief overview of the Shared People Principles of High Performing Organisations; what they do, why they do it and how to get started with implementing their practices in your organisation.

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Employee Motivation

In this guide, we revisit the underlying principles of employee motivation, looking at what’s really required to drive behaviour and employee motivation in today’s organisations.

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Leadership Development

This guide provides a brief overview of our approach to developing a Leadership Framework; the key elements that need to be established, why they’re important and how to get started.

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Total Reward Strategy

Our Guide to Reward Strategy is a comprehensive resource exploring every aspect of reward, walking users through the design process with practical ‘how-to’ advice at every step of journey.

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Organisation Design

Building and maintaining high performing organisations requires a structured and systematic approach. Each of the critical elements must be brought to life in harmony with the others in order to create & sustain an effective organisation; one with a clear objective, staffed by people with the necessary skills & experience working in an environment that enables them to succeed.

Our consultants utilise a high engagement model to understand your organisation’s business strategy, to identify ‘what’s working and what’s not’ and to help implement practices that drive high-performance and employee engagement.

Our Approach

Analytics + Tools

We believe in rationale, informed decision making – not jumping at shadows and second guessing how people might react.  Based on years of experience in the field we’ve developed a suite of diagnostic tools and processes that help provide meaningful insights to inform and support HR strategy and organisational development.

Click below to find out more about our unique approach to employee engagement and employee opinion surveys, our industry-specific job evaluation tools and how we utilise market remuneration data to enable sound salary-related decision making.

Our Tools

Leadership Development

Has your organisation defined what capabilities and styles your leaders need to exhibit in order to be successful?  Leaders come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and even the term ‘leader’ means different things to different people.

An individual’s relationship with their immediate leaders has been proven to be the number one influence on employee engagement and commitment levels.  For organisations looking to drive sustainable business performance and growth it is critical that the role of the leaders is clearly defined, reinforced and developed throughout the organisations people-practices.

Our Leaders

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