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We are a boutique consultancy focused on providing practical advice in relation to organisation design and employee engagement, performance and reward.  We believe that putting people first is critical to delivering sustainable business results – and we know how to create the employee engagement levels required to make it happen.

A desire to help build sustainable, high-performing organisations has been the common objective of our consulting team for over 20 years.  We continue to seek solutions to the big organisational challenges and to translate the complexity of human resourcing into practical, actionable strategies that our clients can implement.  Based on active research and collaboration between our consultants and global thought leaders we continue to uncover the shared traits of organisations that outperform their peers; what brings their people together and what enables them to succeed.

Our consultants have developed deep expertise across a range of related organisational practices that drive employee engagement and motivation from leadership development and performance management, reward strategy, job evaluation and salary system design through to employee engagement surveys and market benchmarking.

We’re the small firm that delivers big results.

Organisational Design and HR Strategy

Look inside any high-performing organisation and you will find a clear and present common purpose that unites its people, providing a source of inspiration and focus that endures short-term circumstances.  The purpose provides a foundation on which to foster a culture that breeds success and sets your organisation apart from its peers.  We develop programs that align with your strategic objectives and help to reinforce behaviour consistent with your organisation’s beliefs, culture & style.  We work with our clients to confirm and articulate the common purpose and values that inspire their people and differentiate them from their peers, and then develop practical HR strategies and HR action plans that bring the desired culture to life.

Our Insights

At Mastertek we drive outstanding performance through people. Good organisational design does not happen overnight and priorities shift with organisational context. We've developed a range of approaches to partnering with our clients to ensure that you can access the precise assistance you need, when you need it.   Regardless of the manner of our engagement, our philosophies regarding what drives organisational and individual performance remain the same.  Based on input from leading researchers combined with the practical experience of our team and partners we understand what works and what doesn't, and in what circumstances. Take a look below at some of the transformational projects we've led in partnership with our client organisations.  You can also explore our knowledge base to find out more about our approaches and thoughts on best practices across a wide range of people and culture-related areas. Leadership Framework and Development We partnered with a leading regional city council to develop a leadership framework setting out their required leadership styles and leadership capabilities.  Once in place, we worked with the council to establish a comprehensive leadership development program including 360 feedback, personal profiling, goal setting and development planning.  The final component of our engagement was to provide 1-to-1 [...]

Our Team

At Mastertek we're passionate about performance. Meet Our Team We're dedicated to assisting our clients in the pursuit of continuous organisational improvement.  We believe that high-performing organisations are built not born, cultivated not created.  Our mantra of 'Better Work Experiences' drives us to develop programs and initiatives that deliver sustainable competitive advantage for the resilient and high-performance organisations of the future. Establishing and sustaining a high-performance culture is no mean feat.  The complexity of human behaviour can mean there is more room for error than excellence when considering how to interact and engage your workforce.  Our solutions and approaches are honed through active research and global experience of organisational design, human behaviour and performance and reward programs. Jamie Anderson  |  Managing Director Jamie Anderson has led the Mastertek team since 2008 with the aim of enhancing the company’s capability in the design of strategic performance and reward solutions, previously having held the position of Global Remuneration and Benefits Manager at Aristocrat Leisure Limited.  Jamie has over 20 years’ experience in the remuneration and benefits arena, spanning both public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom.  In the private sector, Jamie’s focus has been on the design and implementation [...]

Our Clients

At Mastertek we believe in building long term relationships. Mastertek is a specialist consulting practice providing HR and reward-related support and advice.  We partner with our clients to develop practical, actionable strategies that align with organisational objectives and recognise the needs and contributions of the people that make it happen. Typically, our team our engaged to manage a specific project from end-to-end.  In doing so we bring to bear our subject matter expertise and partner with your internal team to develop context-specific solutions.  Our core approach to project management has been refined over many years of practical application to balance structure and guided decision-making with the flexibility required to adapt to specific organisational circumstances. Our team is proud to have partnered with some of Australia's biggest brands and organisations across a range of sectors.   We've also partnered with the Local Government industry since the early 1990's and our deep understanding of the challenges within the industry and the unique operating environment makes us the leading providers of human resources advice and support to Local Councils in NSW. Supporting the complete employment lifecycle.Organisation Design and HR Strategy Establishing a clear people strategy aligned to your organisational objectives is critical to driving [...]

LP Organisation Structure Reviews

Organisation Structure Reviews At Mastertek we have over 20 years' experience supporting organisations with organisation structure reviews and implementation. With this download we're sharing some of the key aspects of our approach, highlighting some of the critical considerations for those tasked with developing a best-fit solution for your organisation. Feel free to contact us directly on the email or phone number below if you'd prefer to talk to one of the team. +61 (0)402 062 050 [email protected] Connect with us

Organisation Structures

Organisation Structure Design Principles An effective organisation structure is one designed around the value chain of the organisation; ensuring resources are focused in the areas that they are needed most.  An effective organisation structure also supports the flow of information across the organisation and the workflows associated with your operational processes. For those working in local government, there are some clear obligations and responsibilities set out in the Local Government Act (the 'LGA').   The LGA requires the elected Council to; "determine an organisation structure, the senior staff positions within that structure and the resources to be allocated towards the employment of staff ". Importantly, Councils must review and re-determine the council’s organisation structure within 12 months of an ordinary election (and may well wish to further review the structure at other times, such as following a significant change to the CSP or broader operating context).  There are a number of things to think about when considering the most appropriate organisation structure for the council to adopt.  We've highlighted below some of the key inputs and approaches our team take when reviewing organisation structures - why not drop us a line to discuss how we can assist if your team is [...]

LP Example Employee Survey Report

Example Employee Survey Reporting At Mastertek we have over 20 years experience supporting organisations with employee opinion surveys and engagement strategies.  From our standardised Mastertek Organisational Effectiveness Questionnaire and our Employers of Choice program to highly customised, bespoke studies our team are ready to help generate meaningful, actionable employee insights and opinions. Here you can download an example of our interactive survey reports which includes a wealth of information on the best practices of high performing and highly engaged organisations as well as an easily navigatable results dashboard and examples of the detailed survey outcomes. Feel free to contact us directly on the email or phone number below if you'd prefer to talk to one of the team. +61 (0)402 062 050 [email protected] Connect with us

Organisational Design and HR Strategy

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