At Mastertek we believe in the power of insight.

The Mastertek Organisational Effectiveness Questionaire (MO-EQ) was developed as part of our active collaborations with leading global academics and business leaders to generate insight into the people practices that research has shown to be shared by consistently high-performing organisations with highly engaged employees.  Our suite of MO-EQ tools enables your organisation to pinpoint where best to deploy future efforts aimed at boosting organisational performance and effectiveness through your people.

To provide the most rounded insights into current practices possible our MO-EQ tools have been developed to consider a wide range of views – from individual HR/OD leaders’ through to Executive leadership teams and, of course, the views of employees across the organisation.  You can download our guide for more information on the diagnostic tools available to subscribers along with an overview of what’s involved in getting started or read on for an overview of the different ways MO-EQ can help harness the power of insight for your organisation.

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MO-EQ | HR (HR Leadership Insights)

The MO-EQ | HR insights tool is designed to assist senior HR and OD leaders in reflecting on the current people practices of your organisation.  The tool adapts our comprehensive MO-EQ survey to enable individuals to consider the current state and identify opportunities for improvement that will have the greatest impact.

Whilst the MO-EQ | HR tool is designed primarily for individuals to complete, the tool can also be rolled out across HR and OD teams to offer a broader perspective and basis for co-creation of future-focused organisational  development and workforce management strategies.

  • Focused assessment of current people practices
  • Compare personal assessments with those of peers at other organisations
  • Consider the most valuable areas to concentrate future effort
  • Utilise our proprietary organisational development framework to establish priorities

Our consultants partner with you every step of the way, providing an initial orientation of the MO-EQ | HR assessment tool and helping you understand the relevance and importance of each component.

Following your self-assessment we’ll then support you in establishing opportunities for improvement and ensuring your plan is effectively structured and appropriately prioritised.

As part of the official launch of our expanded MO-EQ suite, we’re inviting our clients and colleagues across the industry to try the new MO-EQ | HR diagnostic tool for yourselves for a limited time on a complimentary basis in 2023. Click here to get started!

MO-EQ | LI (Executive Leadership Insights)

The MO-EQ | LI tool seeks executive leadership views across a range of key focus areas specifically identified to address the people practices that research has shown to be shared by consistently high-performing organisations with highly engaged employees.

These focus areas are further grouped under the three core organisational design facets of Purpose and Performance, Leadership and Resourcing, and Employment Experiences to provide further perspectives which help to guide future organisational development strategies and initiatives.

The survey tool is streamlined yet still comprehensive, enabling users to pinpoint where best to focus future efforts aimed at boosting organisational performance.

What the MO-EQ | LI Offers…

  • Tools to assist individual leaders in reflecting on current practices
  • Comparative analysis to identify areas of convergence and divergence
  • Facilitated discussion to explore opinions and feedback
  • Consultant-led action planning process to establish forward plan

The MO-EQ | LI process effectively fast-tracks the co-development of a value-adding workforce management strategy by using the MO-EQ tool to focus leaders’ minds and attention on the practices that matter most.

By partnering with our consultants your team will identify the opportunities for performance improvement and establish a structured roadmap to deliver change.

MO-EQ | EI (Enterprise Insights)

The MO-EQ | EI process is designed to harness comprehensive feedback from staff across the organisation across the same key focus areas as our other modules, those that research has shown to be shared by consistently high-performing organisations with highly engaged employees.  The MO-EQ | EI format however also includes a fourth ‘X-Faactor’ dimension which looks specifically at employee engagement.

  • Readily identify how you can become a more effective organisation
  • Psychometrically sound questionnaire design
  • A true measure of employee engagement
  • Comprehensive coverage without being overly taxing for participants
  • Intuitive detailed and summary-level reporting
  • Monitor survey-on-survey trends and changes
  • Independent third party management (promoting more honest responses)
  • Online and hard copy data collection tools

Our consultants align the insights and feedback of your people to our proprietary organisational design framework to provide clear and actionable recommendations that deliver the greatest impact on organisational performance.

Mastertek Employers of Choice Index

We developed the Mastertek Employers of Choice index program with two key objectives in mind.  First and foremost, we believe that high-performing organisations are built, not born – and with that in mind, our employers of choice program provides an opportunity for Councils to be recognised for their sustained efforts in creating environments that enable and empower their people to be successful.

Based on the MO-EQ | EI tools, participation in the program also provides actionable insights for all Councils to support your unique organisational design and development journeys in pursuit of becoming an employer of choice.

Many Councils set out to be recognised as employers of choice, an aspiration that requires ongoing commitment and effective leadership in support of a genuinely ‘people-focused’ organisational culture.  Our Employers of Choice program is founded on our 30+ years of working with partners across the industry that have consistently demonstrated this commitment to their people.

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