Engaging People + Rewarding Success

Whichever theories of motivation you subscribe to there is no question that reward has a critical impact on how we feel about our job and employer.

We believe that an organisation’s approach to salary management, use of incentive plans and provision of benefits should be aligned to the higher-order elements of organisational design; the common purpose, culture and strategic imperatives.

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Executive Remuneration

The level and structure of executive remuneration is a key responsibility of the Board and particularly its independent directors. Increased focus has led to more stringent disclosure requirements along with greater consequences for Boards that are not in tune with their shareholders.

In short, Boards are more accountable than ever for the effective management of executive remuneration.

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Salary Structures

Effective remuneration strategies need to be built on strong foundations.

Mastertek consultants bring a wealth of experience in the design, development and implementation of fixed remuneration and salary structures, underpinned by practical, best-fit job evaluation methodologies, to ensure your remuneration framework is set up for success.

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Short Term Incentives

Well designed incentive programs, used in the right context, can drive discretionary performance and provide a platform for success sharing.  Our approach to the design and implementation of short term incentive programs ensures direct alignment with the culture, style and objectives of the organisation leading to greater return on investment of our clients and increased motivation and satisfaction for their people.

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Sales Commission Plans

Sales commission plans can drives sales in the short term, but also drive behaviour and impact customer experience in the longer term.

We create and maintain effective plans by developing a deep understanding of the relationship between its various components, including; the nature of your customer base, overall revenue targets, distribution channels, the product mix and the sales force capability.

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Recognition Programs

Recognition and positive reinforcement can be the most effective form of reward in your leader’s toolkit.

At Mastertek we understand that recognition for a job well done is a critical driver of employee engagement and satisfaction. External recognition is a fuel that feeds our motivation and fires the value we place on our work.  The closer the act of recognition to the event the greater the impact on motivation.

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Long Term Incentives and Equity Plans

An effective Long Term Incentive plan can be a powerful driver of business performance, strengthen the commitment to your organisation and give your business an edge when recruiting talented high performers.

Our consultants have extensive experience in working with both privately held and publicly listed companies, using an approach to long term incentive design based on strengthening the alignment of remuneration with performance, strategy, culture, governance principles and shareholder interests.

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We know that tackling the design, implementation and maintenance of remuneration and reward plans can be challenging – we’re here to help.

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